Clean Marine Launches Compact Allstream Scrubber with New Multi-Vessel Order

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday October 19, 2017

Norway-based Clean Marine AS (Clean Marine) says it has marked the launch of its CleanSOx Compact Hybrid Allstream scrubber through a new contract from Inventor Chemical Tankers AS (ICT), which covers seven 19,900 DWT chemical tankers.

"Our latest product has been designed to ensure ship owners can achieve simple, cost and space efficient compliance with the IMO’s SOx regulations, coming into force in 2020," said Nils Høy-Petersen, Clean Marine's CEO.

"The new Compact scrubber has all the advantages of our existing, patented EGCS technology, with added benefits for ship owners looking for ease of retrofitting, especially where space is at a premium."

The "Allstream" capability is said to enable the system to treat exhaust from all sources onboard vessels with no back pressure in the exhaust system.

Meanwhile, the system's compact design is said to offer "very significant" size and weight advantages against market alternatives.

"What this means is minimal impact upon the vessel with maximum emission cleaning performance – exactly what the market is looking for," said Høy-Petersen.

"Our system is simple, compliant, and ensures clean sailing on existing heavy fuels. And with our unique understanding of both EGCS technology and ship owners’ requirements, we are confident we can offer outstanding EGCS solutions to our customers."