Further Progress for Bunker-Saving Air Lubrication Systems

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday October 27, 2023

Bunker-saving air lubrication systems have received another boost this week, with Silverstream Technologies teaming up with engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions in a bid to promote the technology.

The two companies have signed a collaboration agreement to support the decarbonisation of the shipping industry, Silverstream said in a statement on its website on Thursday.

Under the deal, the companies will explore vessel efficiency solutions both for newbuilds and retrofits.

MAN's systems are used in about half of the world's commercial ships.

"It was a pleasure to meet up with our new partners at MAN Energy Solutions this month at the Global Maritime Forum in Athens to sign this important agreement," Noah Silberschmidt, CEO of Silverstream, said in the statement.

"Shipping must rise to the challenges of decarbonisation, new regulations and increasingly complex fuel economics.

"In collaboration with MAN ES, we are leading the way to the cleaner, greener vessels needed to achieve the IMO's carbon reduction targets; pursuing the mantra that the greenest fuel is the fuel that you do not use."

Air lubrication systems insert bubbles of air between the bottom of a ship's hull and the surrounding water, reducing friction and cutting fuel consumption as a result. Energy-efficiency technologies of this kind are rapidly becoming the norm for new ships as shipping firms seek both to reduce emissions and fuel bills, and their profitability is likely to rise further once the industry is using much more expensive alternative fuels.

Silverstream's systems are currently in service on 50 ships, with another 180 orders on the way.