"Vastly Improved" Specifications Reported for Lithium Ion Battery Systems Used for Marine Propulsion

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday January 22, 2016

Canada-based Corvus Energy (Corvus) Wednesday announced that a validation process has demonstrated "vastly improved" product specifications of its lithium ion battery systems than previously reported. 

Further, the AT6500 model will now be renamed to AT6700 to reflect the product platform's "superior specifications," says Corvus of the module with a newly validated energy capacity of 6.7kWh.

Corvus explains that it worked closely with the Laboratory of Alternative Energy Conversion (LAEC) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) and Dr. Majid Bahrami, the lab's founder, to run extensive tests on the performance and characteristics of the AT6500 platform during the verification process.

The results of the testing process are said to be consistent with the performance of Corvus' existing installations.

"We will continue our industry leading innovation with the introduction of our next generation lithium ESS (Energy Storage System) products later this year," said Andrew Morden, President and CEO of Corvus Energy.

"We are the only lithium ion battery company with a substantial base of propulsion systems operating in the field, more than 40 ESSs on vessels and port cranes all over the world, and it is this real world operational intelligence in combination with our rigorous testing program that enables Corvus to specifically design its current and future battery systems to the needs of operators."

In April, it was reported that Corvus had signed a deal to install its ESS aboard Germany-based Siemens AS and Norway-based Ostensjo Rederi's new hybrid electric multi-purpose supply vessel.