SeaFjord Energy Unveils Bunker Vessel for Battery-Powered Ships

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday June 6, 2023

Sweden-based SeaFjord Energy has developed a bunker vessel designed to deliver power to ships equipped with battery systems.

The e-bunker vessel will be able to deliver output of up to 50 MW, with a normal charge taking about 60 minutes, the company said in a press release on Monday.

The amount of energy to be delivered could be enough to power a ferry's voyage from the south of Sweden to the north of Germany.

"For large vessels, there is currently only a limited possibility of shore connections in port and an expansion of the infrastructure is both expensive and in many cases not possible," Elias Magnusson, COO at SeaFjord Energy, said in the statement.

"Our new e-bunker vessel delivers green energy as electrons, at the places the customer needs it.

"It drastically increases the possibilities for vessels to become electrified and operate emission-free at sea and in ports and fjords to a greater extent."