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Market Information

Note: From July 7, 2015 MGO is max 0.5% sulfur Low Sulfur MGO compliant with Hong Kong's July 1, 2015 at-berth fuel switching regulation.


Kaohsiung Trend is a linear regression of Kaohsiung price indications for MGO_0.5 in the specified time period, quickly showing you the overall direction that the market is moving.

WTI prices are converted from USD/bbl to USD per metric tonne at a rate of 7.62 barrels per metric tonne.

Brent prices are converted from USD/bbl to USD per metric tonne at a rate of 7.53 barrels per metric tonne.

IFO380 & IFO180 are Max 3.5% Sulfur Bunkers (RME, RMF, RMG, RMH, RMK)

LS380 & LS180 are Max 1.0% Sulfur Bunkers

ULSFO is Max 0.10% Sulfur Fuel Oil for Compliance with 2015 ECA Regulations

MGO is, unless otherwise specified, a Max 1.50% Sulfur "Clear and Bright" Distillate (DMA, DMZ)

LSMGO is Max 0.10% Sulfur Distillate (DMA, DMZ) for Compliance with 2015 ECA Regulations

MDO is Max 1.50% Sulfur Distillate (DMB)