SeaCred Reports: Distilled, time-sensitive marine credit and KYC reports, so you can make the right decisions, right away.

SeaCred was founded by industry veteran Jason Silber to break through the clutter of shipping and bunker counterparty credit and KYC information.


SeaCred reports get right to the point with everything you need, and nothing you don't. The reports provide the following information:

  • Company condition
  • Sector condition
  • Credit recommendation
  • Credit references
  • Corporate information
  • Sanctions check

SeaCred reports provide simple, easy-to-read company snapshots and graphics to help you make the right decisions, right away.

Starting at just $300 per company report, they are now available to Ship & Bunker readers with a limited-time discount of 5%. Please use the form below to place an enquiry, or you can order via the SeaCred website using promo code sbsc919.

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