Eagle LNG Adds to LNG Bunker Storage at Jacksonville

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday May 17, 2023

More space to store liquified natural gas as bunker fuel has been arranged at the port of Jacksonville, on the US East Coast.

Physical supplier Eagle LNG said that the port authority had facilitated the move of dozens of specialty LNG storage tanks through the port's Blount Island marine terminal.  The tanks are owned by Eagle LNG Partners.

"Half of the tanks will be used to temporarily increase storage at the company's LNG bunker facility near the Talleyrand marine terminal, and the other half will be used for exporting LNG to the Caribbean and elsewhere," Eagle LNG said.

"As the global fleet of LNG powered maritime vessels increases, the demand for LNG bunkering and larger LNG bunkers is growing," said Eagle LNG operations director Tim Robertson

Robertson added that the company was also working towards the introduction of "new lower greenhouse gas emission solutions such as bio-LNG into the fueling mix".