South Korea Sets out Stall on Maritime Decarbonisation

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday February 22, 2023

Transforming South Korea's ocean-going fleet into eco-ships forms the cornerstone of the maritime country's roadmap to decarbonisation.

According to price-reporting agency Argus Media, the roadmap set out by the country's ministry of transport earmarks 867 outward-bound domestic vessels weighing 5,000 gross tonnes or more, which are subject to international regulations such as those set by the International Maritime Organisation for conversion to eco-friendly ships.

The alternative marine fuels of e-methanol, LNG, ammonia and hydrogen feature in the plan, according to the report. 

In addition, the east Asian country aims to convert 118 eco-friendly ships by 2030, including the preferential conversion of 60% of its liner service in Europe and the Americas, in response to the European Union's regional regulations and introduction of its own carbon levy system.

The eventual aim is to replace all outward-bound domestic vessels with 100% eco-friendly ships by 2050.