NYK Trading Signs Deal to Sell Sterling PlanB Battery Systems in Japan

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday May 18, 2021

Energy company NYK Trading has signed a deal for the exclusive sales and distribution rights of Sterling PlanB's battery systems in Japan.

As part of the deal NYK plans to sell Sterling PlanB's systems to small vessels including tugboats, short-distance ferries and merchant vessels in Japan's domestic market, it said in an emailed statement on Monday.

"This move reflects the growing awareness that energy storage technology will be an essential component of the evolution of zero-carbon shipping, both in Japan and globally," the companies said in the statement.

"Whether in combination with zero-carbon fuels, wind assisted propulsion, or other optimisation solutions, energy storage systems can play a role in peak shaving, managing a hotel load, or supplying emergency power, both increasing performance and safety, and reducing fuel consumption."

For large cargo ships battery power is unlikely to play a major role in the shipping industry's future energy needs, based on the limitations of the current technology, but it is already increasingly being used for smaller ships to run with zero emissions for parts of their journeys.