'Partial Reopening' of Ningbo Terminal Slated for August 24

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday August 17, 2021

A partial reopening of a Ningbo terminal closed last week after a COVID-19 case was found there has been scheduled for August 24.

The Meishan terminal at the Chinese port is planned to be partially reopened on August 24, followed by a full reopening on September 1, maritime news provider Splash 247 reported on Wednesday, citing local shipping agents. The terminal started turning away ships last week after a single COVID-19 case was reported.

Ningbo as a whole has been reported to be working at 90% capacity over the past week despite the restrictions, with some ships being diverted from Meishan to other terminals in the area.

A more widespread and extended lockdown at Ningbo would have significantly exacerbated the current turmoil in global container markets.