Bunker Barge Catches Fire Off China's Dalian Anchorage

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday March 9, 2016

A bunker tanker, Bo Feng You Gong 10, caught fire Monday while loaded with 600 tonnes of diesel and 40 tonnes of bunkering oil at the anchorage off of Dalian, China, local media reports.

The fire is reported to have started in one of the crew cabins, later engulfing the whole superstructure and accommodation compartment.

Five crew members are said to have safely evacuated the ship to a life raft after successfully closing the vessel's valves to prevent ignition of the fuel on board.

The Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) in Dalian is said to have dispatched six vessels to fight the fire, putting the fire out within six hours with the help of several nearby fishermen.

Local authorities are reported to be investigating the cause of the fire.

No bunker spillage been reported as a result of the incident, although the vessel will continue to be monitored for potential leaks.

The vessel is said to be owned and operated by Shanghai Bofeng Petrochemicals Co., Ltd.

In February, Ships & Bunker reported that about 39 metric tonnes (mt) of low sulfur MGO were said to have been stolen from the 176,346 DWT Nord Power while it was in the Tianjin outer anchorage on January 1, 2016.