Four Ocean Tankers Vessels Arrested in Singapore

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday September 2, 2021

A series of four Ocean Tankers vessels were arrested in Singapore last week.

The Ocean Goby was arrested on August 23, the Ocean Manta on August 25, the Ocean Jack on August 26 and the Ocean Porpoise on August 29, according to Singapore court data. All were arrested on behalf of legal firm Asialegal LLC.

The reasons behind the arrests are unclear, but are likely to do with disputes over payments for goods and services.

A list of vessels on the Ocean Tankers website dated January 2020 lists all four vessels as being part of the company's fleet.

A Singapore court issued a winding-up order for Ocean Tankers on August 16 following the collapse of parent company Hin Leong Trading last year.

Legal cases against Hin Leong founder OK Lim and his family over alleged fraud at his company are still progressing through the courts.