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December, 2016
Date Headline Image
The proposal would have seen the restructuring of S$100 million 8.45 percent notes.
Rickmers Bondholders Reject Debt Restructuring Proposal
The jump comes despite the underlying Brent crude price have risen just 52 percent over the year.
Bunker Prices at Major Bunkering Hubs Double in 2016
Despite end-of-year jubilation over 2016, critics now wonder if OPEC will cause a reversal of fortunes in 2017.
Oil in 2016 Posted Best Showings Since 2009; But Storm Clouds Loom in the New Year
Skangas says it sees the move as a "natural next step" to support the development of the small-scale market in Northern Europe, including bunkering.
Skangas Signs Deal for First Small-Scale LNG Reload at Klaipeda LNG Terminal
NEPA says that, of the three spills that occurred from November 24 to 26, two have been linked to bunkering activities.
Jamaican Spills Linked to Bunkering Operations in Kingston Harbour
The LOI addresses investments for the construction of LNG refuelling docks, LNG refuelling stations, and LNG storage at Chu Kong Shipping terminals.
China LNG Announces New LOI to Support LNG Bunkering in Pearl River Delta
Amid further predictions of oil hitting $100/bbl, a new Reuters poll pegs oil in a more conservative $60 neighbourhood.
Bulls Forecast 2017 As "One of the Best Oil Years," Cooler Heads See Crude Capped at $60
Bunker prices have been relatively stable today.
Crude Benchmarks Soft After Another Quiet Day
The company's U.S. assets are noted to total more than $124 million, while liabilities are reported to amount to $340 million.
Hanjin Reports U.S. Assets Fall Significantly Short of Liabilities
Crews are reported to have removed 4,600 litres bunkers from one of the fuel tanks of the grounded vessel, Cabrera.
Debunkering Underway for Grounded Vessel in Greece
"Shore power contributes to a cleaner, greener port and the Port is seeking to expand this facility substantially," says the port.
Port of Amsterdam "Recalibrates" Shore Power Pricing Policy
The agreement is noted to cover the supply of low sulfur bunkers to Eckerö Line's M/S Finlandia throughout 2017.
Neste to Supply Low Sulfur Bunkers to Eckerö Line Vessel
Tim Pickering points out that oil doesn't like to "stay stuck" for very long.
Prospect of Lower Demand and OPEC Cheating Doesn't Deter Predictions of $100 Oil
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro says he will achieve his stability goal but didn't explain how.
Venezuela Vows To Slash Production, Create 10 Years Of Market Stability
There are hopes though that with the new year oil benchmarks will soften as they seem overheated from December's rally.
Oil Markets Quiet, but Heading Towards Year End on an Upwards Trend
Previously, conventional FAME biodiesel was produced at Sluiskil," the company says.
ECA Bunker Firm Neste to Buy Former Biodiesel Plant
Instances of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia saw a 60 percent decrease in November 2016 compared to the same month of 2015.
ReCAAP: No Tanker Hijackings for Oil Cargo Theft in November, Total of Three Since January
Cabrera ran aground on the Greek island of Andros early Saturday morning.
Debunkering of Grounded Cargo Ship Prevented by Bad Weather
Analysts debate whether we're headed for a further price rally or a stall.
Crude Creeps up as Libya and Nigeria Announce Output Increases
Analysts also cite U.S. shale as potentially ruining the effect of the cutbacks.
"Bargain hunting" China May Slow Glut Reduction If OPEC Cutbacks Boost Prices Further: ClipperData