UK Pledge on Green Shipping Corridors

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday November 16, 2022

The UK government is develop green shipping corridors with the US, Norway and the Netherlands

The corridors would seek to establish zero-emission shippng routes including land-side infrastructure and vessels.

"Setting up such routes involves using zero-emission fuel or energy, putting in place refuelling or recharging infrastructure at ports, and deploying zero-emission capable vessels to demonstrate cleaner, more environmentally-friendly shipping on a given route," the UK said in a statement.

Part of the pledge involves a special green shipping corridor task force to be launched by the UK and US.

The task force will bring together "experts in the sector, encourage vital research and development, and drive other important work and projects to see these initiatives come to life as quickly as possible", the statement said.

UK Chamber of Shipping chief executive Sarah Treseder said that green corridors "can play an essential role in stimulating early action to adopt low and net-zero emission technologies and fuels".