Baltic Ferry to Install 'Rotor Sail' Technology

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday August 15, 2019

A ferry operating in the Baltic Sea is to include wind as one of its power sources.

Scanlines' M/V Copenhagen uses diesel and battery power. The addition of a rotor sail, to be installed on the ship in the first half of next year, will enhance its ability to tap into a sustainable forms of energy.

The development will lead to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions on its Rostock-Gedser route of 4-5%, Scandlines chief executive Søren Poulsgaard Jensen said.

In favourable conditions, the rotor sail reduces the need for electric propulsion thrusters and central propeller. In addition, it "generates supplementary thrust from wind [and] is compatible with all other emissions saving technologies", according to its manufacturer, Norsepower.