UECC Takes on LNG Bunkers From Repsol at Sagunto

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday June 2, 2023

Shipping firm UECC has received the first delivery of LNG as a bunker fuel at the Spanish port of Sagunto.

The company's dual-fuelled ship the Auto Energy completed its first LNG bunkering operation in the Mediterranean on May 25, taking on gas from Repsol at Sagunto, it said in a statement on its website this week.

The operation was the first instance of LNG being bunkered at Sagunto.

"We are thrilled to have successfully bunkered LNG for the first time in the Mediterranean, thanks to the excellent collaboration with Repsol and the support of ESK and Sagunto Port Authority," Daniel Gent, energy and sustainability manager at UECC, said in the statement.

"This milestone showcases our commitment to extending the reach of our sustainable operations, reducing emissions, and promoting a greener future for the maritime industry."