Shore Power Should be Targetted, Says Ports Body

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday April 8, 2021

European ports are calling for shore power to be installed where it makes the most sense.

According to the European Sea Ports Organisation, the cost of installation prohibits the universal application of shore power which should, it argues, be targetted at those ports where it would be most effective.

"The cost of installing onshore power supply (OPS) is too high to just decide to go for OPS everywhere, without a proper analysis of costs and benefits, " said ESPO’s secretary general, Isabelle Ryckbost.

To make more sense of the EU-favoured policy, ESPO has produced a list of do’s and dont's for OPS.

"We identified a series of constructive criteria which helps in prioritising investments," Ryckbost said.

"We believe this assessment will give policy makers a better understanding on what is needed to come to an ambitious but effective OPS deployment policy.”

Valletta in Malta is one of the latest port to announce plans for shore power.