Delta Energy Launches Antwerp Physical Supply Operation

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday March 25, 2021

Marine fuel supplier Delta Energy has launched a physical supply operation at Antwerp.

"Due to the success of our Rotterdam physical supply, we are deploying our second barge in Antwerp and can now offer for supply in both Rotterdam and Antwerp, including surrounding ports," the company said in a LinkedIn post this week.

Chris Todd, formerly of GP Global, announced the launch of Delta Energy in an interview with Ship & Bunker last month. 

At launch the company had a team of 20 traders worldwide, of which seven are based at the firm's Rotterdam head office, and the company has trading offices in Singapore, London, Korea, Saint Petersburg, Hamburg, and Geneva.

Bunker demand in Antwerp sank by 39% to 3.4 million mt last year, the lowest level since at least 2015.