LNG Transshipment Base for Rostock

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday October 18, 2018

Natural gas company Fluxys andRussian gas player Novatek are to develop a mid-scale liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal for the German port of Rostock.

A land lease agreement has been signed with the port authority to this effect, Novatek has said.

The transshipment terminal would take LNG from the liquefaction facility under construction at the Russia port of Vyostsk near St Petersburg.

In addition, there will opportunities to develop LNG bunkering operations at the new facility, according to the company.

LNG is seen a viable alternative bunker fuel to oil-derived fuel oil but the lack of infrastructure has deterred ship operators from embracing the fuel.

Fluxys is involved in other LNG bunkering projects in the North Sea and Baltic Sea region.