Ammonia-fuelled Newbuilds First Order for Faerder Tankers

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday June 6, 2023

A Norwegian shipowner is to place an order for two ammonia-fuelled ships with Chinese shipyards.

Captain Paal Stenberg, who is a co-founder at Faerder Tankers, shared his plans with maritime news provider Tradewinds at Nor-Shipping this week.

Stenberg said that his company is sure that ammonia will play a part in shipping's decarbonisation.

Ammonia is a highly toxic fuel but he believes that existing technical safeguards and procedures for handling other dangerous fuels, which are also used to handle ammonia as cargo, can be applied to ships using ammonia as bunker fuel.

Faerder Tankers does not currently own any ships.

Ammonia is among a number of alternative bunker fuels being considered by ship operators. The most-favoured alternative to oil-derived bunker oil currentlyl is liquified natural gas.