German Multi-Purpose Freighter Adds Rotor Sail

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday April 30, 2021

A German multi-purpose freighter has become the latest ship to take on wind power technology to cut its fuel bills and emissions. 

Eco-Flettner has added one of its rotor sail to Rörd Braren's ship the Annika Braren, the company said in an emailed statement this week.

Work on the retrofit started in the fourth quarter of last year, but its completion was delayed by complications from the COVID-19 pandemic. The ship is now on its first wind-assisted voyage, the company said.

"This is a big project for our company and one that we are convinced will bring substantial benefits to the company, but also help to showcase the technology for other shipowners and to contribute to lowering emissions in the region and globally," Anna Braren, managing director of Rörd Braren, said in the statement.

"That sustainability approach is in the DNA of our company and we are very proud to see the ship embark on her wind-assist maiden voyage."

There has been a notable rise in shipping companies taking on wind-power systems over the past six months as an initial means of engagement with the decarbonisation agenda.

Wind power alone is unlikely to be able to deliver the IMO's 2050 target of halving shipping's total greenhouse gas emissions from 2008's levels, but using it in conjunction with fuel-efficiency measures may be enough to reach the 2030 target of a 40% cut in carbon emissions per transport work.