Repsol Bunkers Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship With LNG at Malaga

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday November 22, 2023

Spanish energy company Repsol has bunkered a Royal Caribbean cruise ship with LNG at Malaga.

The company delivered the fuel to the cruise ship Silver Nova, using four trucks simultaneously, at Malaga earlier this month, it said in an emailed statement on Wednesday.

The operation was the first LNG bunker delivery to a cruise ship at the port.

"The successful multi-truck LNG bunkering operation, while conducting vessels' operation at port, enables the multi-energy company to offer more sustainable transportation solutions across a wider range of routes," Repsol said in the statement.

"The milestone highlights the strong partnership between Repsol and Royal Caribbean Group, as they work together to enhance the accessibility and availability of alternative marine fuel options for cruise ships."

LNG remains the dominant alternative fuel choice for now, with supply set up at almost all major bunkering locations. But the future viability of LNG-fuelled ships will rely on the rollout of bio- and synthetic LNG at these ports as well, as shipping firms seek to deliver lower GHG emissions.