Neil Lamerton Launches Boutique Bunker Broking Service Oceanic Energy

Thursday March 16, 2017

Industry veteran Neil Lamerton today announced the launch of his boutique broking service Oceanic Energy. 

"After 34 years working for other companies, buying, selling, trading and broking, Neil has launched his own broking company to provide advice and support to Oceanic Energy's clients," a statement today from Oceanic Energy read.

"Oceanic Energy has a strong base in bunkering but is also able to offer technical advice, risk management advice, consultancy and dispute resolution services."

Oceanic Energy says it concentrates on placing buyers and sellers together directly, "eliminating some of the most talked about risks of the 21st century bunker market" and offering a bespoke bunker broking service in all ports of the world.

The new brokerage will also offer support and advice on pricing, timing of stems, risk management products, LNG, lubricants, and the latest ULSFO grades.

Contact details for Neil Lamerton are as follows:

Tel: +44 1483 473 557