Saudi Project to Remove Sulfur From Heavy Fuel Oil: Report

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday June 6, 2023

A project in Saudi Arabia is looking at ways to remove sulphur from fuel oil.

King Abullah University and Aramco's base oil company, Luberef, are working together on the project which has been running for four years.

William Roberts, who is director of Clean Combustion Research at the university, told the CNN news channel that the aim of the project is to find "a land-based, low-cost, high-efficiency approach" to the removal of sulfur from heavy fuel oil.

Post-IMO2020 and the introduction of a global 0.5% sulfur cap on fuel oil, heavy fuel oil has maintained its market presence as bunker fuel if used in combination with a scrubber system. Price is an added incentive as the production costs involved in low sulfur fuel oil make it more expensive than high sulfur fuel oil.