Gibraltar Reports Explosion on Board Bulk Carrier

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday February 22, 2021

Four seafarers have been injured after an explosion on board a bulk carrier in Gibraltar on Friday.

An explosion was reported on board the CSSC Cape Town at about 9:10 PM local time, the Gibraltar Port Authority said in a statement on its website on Saturday.

The ship was carrying a 112,365 mt cargo of coal, last visited Baltimore and was heading to Port Said.

The explosion was reported somewhere in the vicinity of the ship's anchor equipment.

"The vessel  is now to the east of Gibraltar unable to anchor at present but in constant contact with Gibraltar VTS," the port authority said.

"The vessel is stable and fully operational with the exception of its anchor equipment.

"Pending any contrary conclusion by the Royal Gibraltar Police in their currently open investigation, there is no reported reason at this point to suspect that any foul play gave rise to the explosion."