Activists Keep Watchful eye on Valleta Emissions

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday January 18, 2021

Environmentalists and residents monitoring emissions at the Maltese port of Valleta have raised concerns about inefficient monitoring equipment.

Mobile monitoring equipment, which is positioned on a promotory at Senglea's Gardjola Gardens, is prone to breakdown, according to independent political news provider the Shift.

One source of concern for activitists is the arrival of cruise ships at the port under a Palumbo Group/ MSC joint venture. Palumbo has facilities in the port area.

The need to protect public health during the pandemic has caused disruption to the global cruise industry which has temporarily shut up shop as demand disappeared.

But as the corona virus threat recedes, the debate over the impact of ship emissions on coastal communities is unlikely to lessen. A webinar held in December said that an emissions control area could be in place in the Mediterranean region by 2024.