GP Global Launches Jebel Ali Bunker Supply Operation

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday March 16, 2020

Energy company GP Global has launched a new bunker supply operation at the port of Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates, the company said Monday.

The company has deployed two of its wholly owned barges, each with a capacity of 4,800 mt of fuel oil and 1,000 mt of gasoil, for the operation, it said in an emailed statement.

""Our East of Suez business has reported a growth of over 25 per cent last year in revenue, which underlines the strong opportunity and potential of the region," Anil Keswani, head of bunkering for the East of Suez area, said in the statement.

"With our new bunkering operation at Jebel Ali Port, we are not only consolidating our strengths in the bunkering business by continuing to invest in our physical presence in all major international ports, but also demonstrating our commitment to building a robust and reliable supply chain to meet customer needs."