Electronic Fuel Switch Product Aides Multifuel use by Ships

Thursday March 14, 2019

Technology is often cited as a way for shipping to meet new challenges including movement towards the goal of decarbonisation.

Part of that picture includes a mult-fuel bunker market and marine technology firm Yaskawa Environmental Energy (YEE) has developed a product to ease movement between fuels.

"Our DC-Hub effectively future-proofs vessels for whatever fuel options they decide to utilise," said Asbjorn Halsebakke, the company's product manager of marine drives.

"It allows for any power source – be that hydrogen, wind generators, or solar panels – to be easily connected to a vessel's DC grid.

"In that way, owners can create the best fuel mix to satisfy operational, economic and environmental needs, adding new sources as they become viable."

The DC-hub eliminates the need for a main AC switchboard thereby "enabling generators to run at optimal efficiency while batteries cater to load changes".

Batteries connected to th DC-Hub can also be used to replace a generator to keep investments, maintenance and fuel costs down, Halsebakke.

Yaskawa acquired the Switch Norway four years ago creating the YEE at the beginning of the month.

The company, which develops marine drives for renewables fuels, will be present at Nor-Shipping, the biennial shipping event taking place in Oslo in early June.