January, 2014
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This report complied by online vessel valuation service VesselsValue.com shows world fleet values by ship type and geographical location.
Which Country is Home to the Most Valuable Fleet?
November, 2013
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Ships voyaging into the Arctic must be bunkered and supplied at one end or other, and port already on the major shipping lanes should have an edge.
Busan, and Emerging Opportunities in the Arctic
Vitaly Chernov, Editor-in-Chief at Russian market specialists IAA PortNews says LNG plants would be better built in Saint-Petersburg.
Industry Insight: Russia's LNG prospects
Maersk Line and Carnival Cruise Lines are two maritime companies that have embraced social media.
Social Media: Don't Miss The Boat
Having recently returned from a 6 week voyage as Ice Navigator, Captain David (Duke) Snider looks at the reality of Arctic shipping.
Arctic Ice Coverage: What's Really Happening, and What Does it Mean for Shipping
October, 2013
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EPA recommends that all new build vessel operators endeavour to use seawater-based systems for their stern tube lubrication.
Seawater: The Free Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant
The Government has restricted bunkering operations to specific locations, and offshore anchorage locations fell under the ban.
Bunkering Restrictions will Undermine Competitiveness of Russian Ports
January, 2013
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Owners today are caught between environmental issues and attempts to make money in a prolonged market slump.
Ship Owners Between a Rock and a Hard Place