January, 2018
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Dr Sian Prior is lead advisor to Clean Arctic Alliance, who is campaigning for a ban on the use and carriage of Heavy Fuel Oil in the Arctic.
Opinion: Scrubbers Are Not the Perfect Solution - for the Arctic or Anywhere
The spike provides producers a very attractive opportunity to hedge their 2018 production, Paul Kuklinski, Boston Energy Research, writes for Ship & Bunker.
January In-Depth Oil Price Outlook: Oil Prices Have Limited Upside
"Increasing access to data offers a chance to help shipping businesses of all sizes to thrive,"
Industry Insight: The Year Ahead in Data and How EU-MRV Is Affecting the Digital Landscape
"All these arguments for and against scrubbers will have to be viewed afresh in view of the new technology and pricing of horizontal scrubbers," Dr Vis writes for Ship & Bunker.
Industry Insight: Viability of Scrubbers for Different Type of Vessels
Even if suppliers don't agree to the BIMCO contract, it's content can be very useful to highlight where the risk lies for ship owners and operators, writes BunkerEx CEO Ishaan Hemnani.
Industry Insight: Analysing the BIMCO Bunker Contract
"Unless a solution is found, every year there will be a further accumulation of 200 million MT of HFO," Viswa Lab's Dr. R. Vis writes for Ship & Bunker.
Industry Insight: The New Bunker Fuel Regulations - Some Thoughts
December, 2017
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While availability of the fuel is not an issue, the infrastructure required for getting LNG bunkers onto ships is proving to be a limiting factor for the industry, Vincent Lagarrigue, Director, Trelleborg Oil and Marine, writes for Ship & Bunker.
Industry Insight: Fresh Thinking in the LNG Transfer Zone Easing Infrastructure Concerns
The case of US v. American Commercial Lines, LLC, is the latest chapter in the litigation stemming from the collision between a barge and a tanker on July 28, 2008.
Recent Verdict on Bunker Spill Case Brings Clarity to Third-Party Fault and Limitation of Liability Defenses
Over 99% of ISO 8217:2005 deliveries actually comply with ISO:8217 2010 standards, BunkerEx CEO Ishaan Hemnani writes for Ship & Bunker.
Keeping up with the Latest ISO 8217 Specifications
"Will we remain a simple commercial part of this game or makers of new markets?" Mustafa Muhtaroglu, Founder, Energy Petrol writes for Ship & Bunker.
The World is Changing. Where Does the Bunker Industry Stand?