December, 2017
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"Will we remain a simple commercial part of this game or makers of new markets?" Mustafa Muhtaroglu, Founder, Energy Petrol writes for Ship & Bunker.
The World is Changing. Where Does the Bunker Industry Stand?
November, 2017
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High prices mean Australia has always been a "top-up" country for bunkers, but there are almost never any quality or quantity issues, Nick Bond tells Ship & Bunker.
Know Your Counter Party: Australia Bunkering
Industry veteran Steve Leonard and 2020 Marine Energy's Adrian Tolson give Ship & Bunker their views on the latest venture from Bunker Holding.
Bunker One: A New Direction for Bunker Trading or a Natural Step Towards the Inevitable?
"The challenge today is no longer a lack of information but rather sorting the signal from the noise," Oil Front's Danny Soos writes for Ship & Bunker.
What Is the Role of the Bunker Broker in the Internet Age?
Decarbonisation is an opportunity to inspire the industry to improve efficiency with new technologies, Maurice Meehan, Director of Global Shipping Operations, Carbon War Room, writes for Ship & Bunker.
Shipping Must Act Sooner Rather Than Later to Mitigate Climate Risks and Seize the Opportunity of Decarbonisation
October, 2017
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A potential oil shortage looms in 2019-2020, Paul Kuklinski, Boston Energy Research, writes for Ship & Bunker.
October In-Depth Oil Price Outlook: $60/B or More in 2019
Having just launched a new brand identity, Ship & Bunker talks to Jan Christensen, Global Head of Bunker Operations, Bomin Group.
Know Your Counter Party: Bomin Group
Global Marine Fuel Quality, continues to be a concern for the world's fleet,writes Steve Bee. Group Commercial & Business Development Director, VPS.
A Review of Veritas Petroleum Services Bunker Alerts (Jan-Sept-2017)
September, 2017
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"Today if you order a $15 pizza online you will get more information about its delivery than you will if you order a $1.5 Million bunker stem," Oilfront's Danny Soos writes for Ship & Bunker.
Three Reasons Why We Need to Embrace Technology in Bunkering Now
"Mandating this type of technology should be straightforward as something similar already exists within the aviation field," Green Sea Guard managing director Anita Bradshaw tells Ship & Bunker.
2020 Sulfur Cheats: Can Monitoring the Emissions of the Entire Global Fleet Ever be Possible? This Company Says "Yes"