March, 2017
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Ship & Bunker talks to Nicholas Argyrou, Bunkernet's General Manager, as the company celebrates 10 years in the industry.
Know Your Counter Party: Bunkernet
"One of the inherent benefits of our technology is that it enables a refiner to sell more of their product at crude plus rather than crude minus," Chairman Mike Kirk tells Ship & Bunker.
Emulsion Fuel Economics: Can Quadrise's MSAR Make Commercial Sense for Bunker Buyers and Suppliers?
Basil Karatzas is the CEO of Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co. and provides worldwide shipping market expertise to financial institutions.
Gibraltar Shipping Interview: Basil Karatzas Talks Alternative Bunkers, S&P Markets, Vessel Financing, and Trump
February, 2017
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Spiked by OW Bunkers' collapse, the bunkers industry has, since the end of 2014 and into 2015 and 2016, had not just one "annus horribilis," but "anni horribilis," horrible years.
The Future Now After OW: Assuring "Anni Mirabilis" With Lessons from "Anni Horribilis"
Emerson was heavily involved from the beginning with the introduction of MFM in bunkering applications in Europe and later in Singapore.
MFM for Bunkering; EU MID and Singapore TR48: The Facts
Silverstream have released a new animation demonstrating its air lubrication technology.
How Does a Bunker Saving Air Lubrication System Work? [VIDEO]
January, 2017
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Views differ as to whether a fully-fledged Big Data strategy best serves the true requirements of vessel operators
Effective Use of Big Data & Remote Monitoring
Restructuring, the journey to 2020, rising and volatile bunker prices, and digital bunkering are all in the outlook for the coming year.
After a Tough 2016, What Can The Bunker Industry Expect in 2017?
December, 2016
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According to UNEP, estimates of illegal slops disposal reach at least 3,000 incidents per year in European waters alone.
Sustainable Slops Disposal Will Remain a Challenge in 2017 – the Industry Must Embrace Its Solutions
"The 0.50% global sulfur cap in 2020 will accelerate the change in the needs and habits of the shipping industry," MD Olivier Jouny tells Ship & Bunker.
Interview: TOTAL Confirms its Ambition in LNG Bunkering Business