July, 2018
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Stillwater Associates discuss how they expect the economic aftermath of the implementation of the IMO 2020 Rule to play out.
Expected Pricing and Economic Impacts of the IMO 2020 Rule
HFW considers some of the issues arising for those affected parties, including shipowners, time charterers and bunker suppliers.
Bunker Contamination in the US Gulf : Legal and Practical Implications
Or is it time for the bunker industry's Mbappé?
Finding the Messi or Ronaldo of IMO 2020: Opinions and Facts in a Post-Truth World
June, 2018
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"FOBAS has never experienced external contamination of this scale."
Closing the Gap – External Contamination of Marine Fuels
Fuels were RMG 380 grade heavy fuel oils supplied by a single supplier.
Low Flashpoint Bunkers in Singapore
Posidonia was a wonderful week, but there were some examples of pure fiction being propagated around the IMO regulations and the 2020 global sulphur cap.
Posidonia: Slaying Mythical Beasts in the IMO 2020 Labyrinth
Once again, we advise you not to be complacent, if you are bunkering in Houston and surrounding areas.
Contaminated Bunker Fuel Supplies in Houston Continue
In our opinion, the contribution of 4‐cumyl phenol towards the sticky problem is, at best marginal.
New Thinking on the Contamination Incident from Bunker Fuels in Houston Area
May, 2018
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This problem has grown to have affected at least 30 vessels in the VPS Fuel Analysis Programme.
Houston Marine Fuel Contamination: Veritas Petroleum Services Announce Exclusive Findings
For those considering scrubbers, it is important to understand the available options in terms of design and materials.
Industry Insight: Fresh Thinking in Scrubber Design