Low Flashpoint Bunkers in Singapore

by Dr. R. Vis, Director, Viswa Lab
Tuesday June 12, 2018

Over the last ten days, Viswa Lab has identified 3 fuels with low flashpoint (52.5, 56.5 and 58 degC) from the port Singapore. All three off spec fuels were RMG 380 grade heavy fuel oils. The off‐spec fuels were supplied by a single supplier.

This fuel falls outside the SOLAS and ISO 8217 requirements of flash point of 60.00 degC minimum. As per SOLAS requirements, the minimum flash point of any fuel carried in the tanks of a ship should be not less than 60.00 deg C. There is no permissible negative tolerance. This applies to any fuel onboard the vessel (with exception of fuel for lifeboats which can be grade DMX with a flash point min of 43 degC).

When you are ordering fuels from Singapore you should insist on getting the actual flash point values from the supplier.

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