Weekly Vessel Scrapping Report: 2016 Week 20

by VesselsValue.com
Thursday May 26, 2016

As a credit manager, the last thing you want to discover when chasing an invoice is the vessel you bunkered 4 weeks ago has just been sold for scrap. And today, the risk of that happening is greater than its ever been. 

To help keep on top of the most recent changes in the world fleet, every week thanks to online maritime intelligence and information service VesselsValue.com, we tell you which vessels have been sold for demolition in the last week.

Demolition Sales May 19 – May 25, 2016

Sale Date         Sold Name     Vessel Type     Built Date        Seller    
23-05-2016     C Polaris     CAPESIZE     01-01-1995     Chang Myung Shipping    
19-05-2016     Wise 1     CAPESIZE     01-01-1995     East Sunrise Ship Management    
23-05-2016     Jai Krishna     GENERAL CARGO     26-06-1990     Global United Shipping India    
23-05-2016     Bangsrimuang     GENERAL CARGO     01-01-1980     Wongsamut Group    
24-05-2016     Arktis     HANDY BC     07-05-1996     Pendulum Shipmanagement    
24-05-2016     Sino 3     HANDY BC     28-02-1989     Guangzhou Kuifenghang Shipping    
24-05-2016     Stolt Topaz     HANDY CHEMICAL PARCEL TNKR     01-05-1986     Stolt Tankers    
23-05-2016     Karin     HANDY CONTAINER      01-12-1999     Doris Maritime Services    
24-05-2016     Romanos     HANDYMAX BC     01-08-1995     Nikator Navigation    
24-05-2016     Han Hai     HANDYMAX BC     01-06-1996     COSCO HK    
24-05-2016     Tu Qiang     HANDYMAX BC     01-07-1998     COSCO HK    
24-05-2016     Castle     HANDYMAX BC     01-06-1996     Glory Ship Management Pte    
23-05-2016     U Happy     HANDYMAX BC (Chip)     20-09-1996     Nova Shipping    
24-05-2016     Li Bai     MPP      01-01-1988     Shanghai CP International    
23-05-2016     Banglar Kallol     MPP      01-01-1980     Bangladesh Shipping Corp    
24-05-2016     Wilma     MPP (Heavy Lift)     01-09-1997     SAL Heavy Lift    
23-05-2016     Alba     MR2 TNKR (Chem / Product)     01-01-1987     Val Enterprises    
24-05-2016     Shun Kang     PANAMAX BC     04-09-1990     Chengyi International    
24-05-2016     Tian Tong Feng     PANAMAX BC     01-05-2001     China Shipping International Shipmanagement    
19-05-2016     Hellenic Wind     PANAMAX BC     09-04-1997     Hellenic Shipmanagement    
24-05-2016     Ever Refine     PANAMAX CONT     29-06-1995     Evergreen Marine Corp    
19-05-2016     Hudson Leader     PCTC     01-01-1987     NYK Line    
24-05-2016     Britain     POST PANAMAX CONT     01-03-1996     Poseidon Containers    
19-05-2016     Conti Helsinki     POST PANAMAX CONT     01-06-2002     Reederei NSB    
24-05-2016     Atlantic Compass     RO-RO      01-03-1984     ACL    
24-05-2016     Saint Roch     RO-RO      01-01-1980     CMA CGM    
24-05-2016     Navaho     SMALL HANDY BC     03-12-1995     MFS Shipmanagement    
24-05-2016     MSC Giannina     SUB PANAMAX CONT     01-07-1997     Offen Claus-Peter    
24-05-2016     Baleen     SUB PANAMAX CONT     01-03-1999     Seachange Maritime