Cosco Should Avoid HFO in Arctic, says Green Group

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday August 12, 2019

Environmental pressure group Clean Arctic Alliance wants to know what fuel Chinese shipping operator Cosco intends to use for its ships using the northwest passage through Arctic region.

Cosco was asked earlier this year by the organisation to make it known which fuel it would use.

The repeated call has been prompted by the expected arrival of a Cosco-operated ship at the Swedish port of Gavle on August 18, the alliance said.

The environnmental group is against heavy fuel oil use by ships in the Arctic as it emits black carbon which exacerbates the melting of sea and glacier ice in the region.

Ships have been banned from using and carrying heavy fuel oil in the Antarctic region for similar reasons. An oil spill of heavy fuel oil is seen as being particularly damaging for a sensitive environmental area such as the Arctic and Antarctic.