Container Ship Reports 27% GHG Savings From Using Synthetic LNG Blend

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday April 6, 2022

Engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions has reported a 27% GHG emissions saving from the use of a synthetic LNG blend on board a container ship in Europe.

The 1,036 TEU container ship ElbBLUE used a 50% synthetic LNG blend -- with the remainder being fossil LNG -- in a trial between Brunsbuttel and Rotterdam in September, MAN said in an emailed statement on Wednesday.

The boxship is owned by Germany's Elbdeich and operated by Unifeeder. The vessel was formerly named Wes Amelie, and was the first container ship to be retrofitted to dual-fuelled LNG propulsion.

The ship produced 27% less emissions than if using conventional LNG during the trial, at 85% engine load, according to MAN's calculations. Compared to fuel oil, the saving would have been up to 34%.

"With this pilot project, we have proven that any LNG-powered ship can also operate with green SNG from power-to-X," Stefan Eefting, senior vice president at MAN, said in the statement.

"Even with a blend of just 50% SNG, GHG and pollutant emissions are significantly reduced.

"When operated exclusively on SNG, we would expect a reduction of at least 80% in GHG emissions for modern ships."