IMO2020: Global Scrubber Regs Database Launched

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday June 28, 2019

The Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Association (EGCSA) today has launched a database showing variations in global scrubber regulations.

The group said the move was made to “eliminate uncertainty around the operation of exhaust gas cleaning systems” after a small number nations, most notably Singapore and Fujairah, implemented regional rules.

“IMO’s role in the 2020 regulation has been to introduce more environmentally sound shipping whilst enabling world trade to proceed unencumbered. In most cases, new regulations are observed by all administrations at IMO,” said EGCSA.

“Unfortunately, a handful of nations and ports have decided to operate independently of the IMO and have introduced local requirements for the operation of EGCS. This unilateral action, albeit limited, has created a degree of uncertainty at a time when there is a significant body of opinion that regard air quality and GHG emissions as critical to the future of mankind.”

Much of the recent criticism of scrubbers has come from owners who have opted not to use the technology, leading some to suggest the concerns are more about commercial pressure than scientific evidence.

Still, EGCSA took the opportunity to point out that those who have opted for scrubbers are helping the industry as a whole.

“This investment in exhaust gas cleaning systems by a substantial portion of ship-owners will also benefit those ship-owners who have chosen to do nothing and plan just to procure fuel that complies with IMO limits. The significant number of ship-owners who have opted for EGCS will alleviate some of the pressure on 0.50% sulphur fuel supplies as they are likely to reduce global demand by approximately 18%,” it said.

“This capital-intensive investment by some ship-owners will, in other words, benefit the entire industry whilst improving air quality.”

The free to access global database can be found here: