SGMF Sets Out New Guidance on LNG Bunker Fuel Tanks

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday July 6, 2022

Industry body the Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF) has set out its guidance for the filling and loading limits of LNG bunker fuel tanks.

The organisation has released a new technical guidance note titled LNG Fuel Tanks – Loading/Filling Limits and Level Instrumentation: Considerations and Recommendations, it said in an emailed statement on Wednesday.

The guidance sets out how the temperature and pressure at which the LNG is stored impacts upon how it can be safely delivered to fuel tanks.

"Our overall purpose was to provide effective guidance on the rules for filling and loading and to explain why the loading limit may vary for each bunkering operation due to LNG temperature, pressure, and composition," Mark Bell, general manager of the SGMF, said in the statement.

"The crew can then maximise the amount of fuel that can be safely loaded by following established bunkering procedures and using the available instrumentation."