IWSA: Shipping Industry "Behind the Curve" in Utilising Renewable Energy Solutions

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday April 14, 2016

Gavin Allwright secretary general for the International Windship Association (IWSA) Wednesday said that the shipping industry is "behind the curve" in utilising renewable energy solutions, adding that the installation of wind technology devices on commercial ships can provide "significant" fuel and emission saving opportunities.

"There is a vast body of support from academia, through to engineers and classification societies that recognise wind as one of the key opportunities for the shipping sector to rapidly reduce emissions," said Allwright.

IWSA says that there is a wide range of low carbon technology solutions widely available for use on vessels right now, but notes that better industry leadership is needed, specifically from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), in order to encourage adoption of such low carbon technologies.

"The shipping sector urgently needs strong, clear leadership from the IMO to be able to deliver low carbon ships that can serve the world in line with the Paris Agreement," said IWSA, adding that the the upcoming 69th Session of the IMO's Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC 69) on April 18 to 22 offers leadership the opportunity to take action to intensify the shipping industry's carbon reduction action.

"Without clear leadership investors in new technology for the shipping industry do not have sufficient confidence to commit to these and other technically and commercially viable solutions that are the best hope for the sector achieving net zero emissions by 2050," stated IWSA.

Allwright says that endorsements for wind power solutions in the shipping industry by major engineering firms , including Rolls-Royce Limited (Rolls-Royce) and Wärtsilä Corporation (Wärtsilä), highlights the technology's viability as an emission reduction solution.

In September, IWSA said that the shipping industry is becoming "increasingly convinced" over the use of wind power as a renewable source of energy for commercial ship propulsion.