Popularity of Open-Loop Scrubber Continues

Wednesday January 9, 2019

Recent talk of open-loop scrubber bans in Singapore and China does not seem to have dented the business case for the tech, at least as far as Polaris Shipping are concerned.

Scrubber manufacturer Langh Tech today said it had signed a deal with STX Offshore & Shipbuilding (STX O&S) for open-loop scrubber retrofits on seven vessels in the Polaris fleet.

The deal will see units fitted to four 180K bulkers and the three 300K VLOCs.

Langh Tech says the component deliveries will start in summer 2019 and the installations will follow soon after.

Also of note with the deal: Langh Tech says its scrubber manufacturing has been done in Europe but it will now also start scrubber tower production in Korea.

“We look forward to further strengthen our position in the Korean market, both as component sales to new building yards and to retrofit installations,” says Langh Tech’s Commercial Director, Laura Langh-Lagerlöf.