Methanol Engine Conversion Kit Gets UK Govt Funding

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday November 13, 2023

A methanol conversion kit for a marine engine has secured funding for the UK government's zero emission vessels and infrastructure initiative.

New York-listed engine manufacturer Cummins' proposal is to develop a methanol kit for its QSK60 engine. Other firms involved in the £4.4 million ($5.4m) project are Ocean Infinitiy, the Aberdeen harbour board and Proman.

The idea is for the technology to be added to existing marine engines. The project has in mind a 50% reduction in carbon dioxide for "offshore operations of the vessel", according to information provider Yahoo news.

In addition, retrofitted dual-fue engines will achieve compliance with International Maritime Organisation tier III emission standards.

The technology should be ready by the second quarter of 2025, the report said.