Dan-Bunkering Case Suspended Over Impartiality Concerns

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday November 2, 2021

The case against Dan-Bunkering at a Danish court has been halted over impartiality concerns.

The hearing, being held at a court in Odense, was suspended on Tuesday after concerns were raised over the impartiality of one of the individuals hearing the case, Danish broadcaster DR reported. The identity of the individual and the nature of the concerns were not revealed.

The hearing is set to resume on Wednesday morning, when it will be decided whether the concerns have any bearing on the case.

The case -- against Dan-Bunkering, its parent firm Bunker Holding and CEO Keld Demand -- revolves around 33 jet fuel deals with Russian counterparties in 2015-2017 where the oil ultimately ended up in Syria in breach of EU sanctions.

The two companies and Demant deny the charges, and Bunker Holding has said its internal investigations have found no evidence of any employee having knowledge of sanctions breaches.