Quadrise Gives Update on Maersk MSAR Synthetic Fuel Trial

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday January 8, 2014

Quadrise Fuels International Plc. (Quadrise) today gave an update on the seaborne 'proof of concept' trial of its MSAR2 synthetic fuel, which it announced in August last year would be conducted in conjunction with A.P.Møller-Mærsk (Mærsk).

The alternative fuel oil manufacturer said fuel required for the programme was loaded in November for supply to two Maersk ships equipped with Wärtsilä and MAN Diesel two stroke propulsion engines respectively.

Programmes involving the two different engines manufacturers were "substantially independent," it said, with the fuel to be used "periodically" in a series of tests involving specific operations and load conditions.

The Wärtsilä programme is under way and at sea, while the MAN Diesel programme is waiting on data from a land-based engine test that has been delayed, with Quadrise saying the results may now not be available before the end of this month.

"The 'proof of concept' confirmation will signal the transition to commercial operations and the determination of contractual terms between the parties," said Quadrise.

"The first joint activity will involve installation of manufacturing capacity and production of Marine MSAR®2 fuel to provide for up to 4,000 hours of seaborne performance data collection on each engine type. This resulting data is expected to support the issue of Letters of No Objection ("LONOs") to be supplied by the respective engine manufacturers for the use of Marine MSAR®2 in the engine types concerned."

Elsewhere, the company said in South America it was focussed on a Joint Feasibility Study with Colombia's Ecopetrol for supply of MSAR fuel into the South and Central American power and marine markets, while in Saudi Arabia, following Saudi Aramco's approval of the MSAR technology last year it has now designated a "very large refinery" for the first installation for commercial production of the synthetic fuel.

Quadrise say its MSAR, or Multiphase Superfine Atomized Residue, synthetic fuel oil is a proprietary water in hydrocarbon based emulsion fuel which can cost between 5% to 50% less than traditional fuel oil, bunker oil, or natural gas.