INTERVIEW: AuctionConnect to Partner With FuelBoss by DNV on Digital Bunkering

by Jack Jordan, Managing Editor, Ship & Bunker
Thursday April 11, 2024

FuelBoss, a DNV company, and marine fuels conglomerate Bunker Holding are working to integrate FuelBoss into the AuctionConnect platform to offer their customers a digital service that provides transparency on the bunkering process from procurement to delivery.

Representatives of FuelBoss, Bunker Holding and AuctionConnect revealed their plans in an interview with Ship & Bunker.

FuelBoss is a digital platform launched by DNV in 2021, initially providing insights on every step of the LNG bunkering process, but now covering conventional bunkers as well.

AuctionConnect is the longest-serving name in the digital bunker procurement space, launched by OceanConnect Marine almost a decade ago as a digital platform bringing together bunker sellers and buyers through an auction process.

The companies aims to deliver a combined service that could save bunker buyers a substantial amount in procurement costs versus pricing benchmarks. The system will be able to work with various types of alternative fuels, as well as integrating with mass flow meter systems on bunker barges.

Seamless Data Flow

"The overall ambition is to connect well into the ecosystem to create a seamless flow of data, from the moment you procure your required product to the moment it's delivered, and improve that entire customer and supplier journey, to try to digitalise this industry," Martin Torp, Head of Digital Ventures at Bunker Holding, said in the interview.

"As e-BDN is looming around the corner in Singapore it made sense for us to dive into a partnership with FuelBoss to really test out and improve the whole flow of data to improve the digital delivery path for both customers and supplier."

As a veteran in the digital bunkering space, AuctionConnect can bring to the partnership its experience of what customers most value from these types of platforms, Director Per Funch-Nielsen explained.

"What we're doing with the AuctionConnect platform is an independent procurement platform in the market that is very focused on the actual fixture," he said.

"We would like to make it smarter, quicker and easier for the bunker buyers and also for the suppliers to engage.

"We have it all in front of us, we have been dealing in this game for many, many years – so why not join forces and try to get the best out of this."

The two platforms will be able to complement each other because they have very different functions, according to Martin Christian Wold, Head of FuelBoss.

"This is why we have quickly come to terms with AuctionConnect, because they as us have a well-defined scope -- they are great at running auctions and we believe that we are the same in enabling digital delivery."

"It's a very nice synergy and fit where data points that we are creating on the post-fixture and delivery side can complement and support the customer experience and complete the digital journey for AuctionConnect's customers."