Marine Fuel Supplier Arte Bunkering Takes on Inatech Software

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday June 29, 2021

Marine fuel supplier Arte Bunkering is taking on software from Inatech to streamline its operations as the company expands.

Arte is using Inatech's energy trading risk management software Bunkertech to bring its worldwide network together, Inatech said in an emailed statement on Tuesday. 

"Arte Bunkering is using Bunkertech to integrate its growing network after adding Greece and Singapore last year to its existing centres in Estonia, Germany and the US," Inatech said in the statement.

"An extension to Inatech's Techoil software for managing complex physical oil trading, Bunkertech focuses particularly on the sourcing, sale and delivery of a wide range of bunker fuels for ships.

"It gives bunker suppliers flexibility speed and certainty in reacting to the evolving landscape of regulations and new fuels."

The software also covers the regulatory reporting and tax requirements for each location the company operates in.