Zero44 Launches FuelEU Maritime Compliance Tool

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday March 22, 2024

CO2 management software firm Zero44 has launched a tool helping shipping companies to analyse the impact of complying with the FuelEU Maritime regulation that comes into effect next year.

The company's FuelEU Maritime Calculator sets out the financial impact of the regulation for shipping firms, Zero44 said in an emailed statement this week.

The regulation comes into effect from January 2025, seeking to reduce the carbon intensity of European shipping by mandating a percentage of companies' marine energy use that must come from sustainable sources.

"There is already a lot of information available on FuelEU Maritime, but it is mostly of a technical, regulatory or scientific nature," Zero44 said in the statement.

"In contrast, it has been difficult for companies to get a concrete idea of how FuelEU Maritime will affect their business.

"That's why zero44 has developed the FuelEU Maritime calculator and is making it available to all interested parties free of charge.

"Users simply enter the annual fuel consumption (divided into HFO, LFO, MDO/MGO, LNG and biodiesel) of a ship and its exposure to EU regulation.

"The tool then calculates the resulting greenhouse gas intensity and the penalties to be expected."