Commodities Trader Trafigura Announces New Bunkering Arm

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday January 28, 2020

Global commodity trader Trafigura has announced a new bunkering arm, TFG Marine PTE Ltd

"We are very pleased to inform you from the 21 January 2020, TFG Marine PTE Ltd became the bunker trading entity for Trafigura," the company said in a note to customers seen by Ship & Bunker this week.

"As such, any deliveries after this date shall be concluded in the name of TFG Marine PTE Ltd."

The new unit is the bunkering joint venture with shipping firms Golden Ocean and Frontline that Trafigura announced in November, a spokeswoman for the company told Ship & Bunker Tuesday.

In the November announcement the company said the new joint venture would act as the exclusive purchaser of marine fuels for Trafigura, Golden Ocean and Frontline.