Two Shipowners to Be Awarded Combined $500,000 under New Carbon Credits Scheme

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday November 3, 2014

Global paints and coatings company Akzo Nobel N.V. (AkzoNobel) has announced it expects two shipowners to be awarded carbon credits with a combined value of almost $500,000 as a result of the shipowners' use of AkzoNobel's Intersleek coatings.

The credits are to be awarded under a new voluntary carbon credit methodology developed by AkzoNobel and Switzerland-based The Gold Standard Foundation (GSF).

The two shipowners were not named but it is understood the credits will be available to them after they made the switch from using biocidal antifouling hull coatings to AkzoNobel's biocide-free Intersleek product.

Intersleek Business Manager, Trevor Solomon, said the carbon credit awards now available would help tie investment in sustainability to bottom line improvements for shipowners and suggested that there was still value to be unlocked.

"Based on the 100 eligible ships already converted from a biocidal antifouling to Intersleek technology, there is an estimated $2.8 million worth of carbon credits potentially available to ship owners and operators," said Solomon.

Adrian Rimmer, CEO of GSF, added: "this pioneering initiative is designed to help increase the uptake of clean technologies in the international shipping industry.

"We are following its progress with great interest."

The Sustainable Shipping Initiative said yesterday that its members had signed up to a set of shared commitments as a catalyst for "immediate action."