Subsea Industries Claims 20-40% Bunker Savings from New Anti-Friction Marine Coating

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday August 4, 2016

Subsea Industries (Subsea) says it has optimised its range of Ecospeed hard coat marine coatings to reduce hull friction by as much as 40 percent, translating to a similar reduction in bunker consumption.

"Not only have we optimised hull surface roughness, thus drag, resulting in fuel savings in the 20-40 percent range, we have solved the corrosion and cavitation erosion problems that often beset other marine coating systems," said Manuel Hof, Production Executive and NACE Coatings Inspector at Subsea.

"We have also halted completely the ship-to-sea emissions of volatile organic compounds and other harmful toxins common in conventional hull coatings, such as copper and dibutyltin dilaurate."

The company also says that the enhanced product provides both optimum hull performance and is environmentally friendly, noting that the coating has no toxic substances and has no negative effect on the water quality or marine environment during either its application or use.

Subsea says its coatings do not degrade like traditional antifouling compounds, and provides results that cannot be "fully" achieved by silicon-based systems.

"We have cracked a number of really important problems with one simple, highly cost-effective approach to hull antifouling," said Hof.