IMO2020: Scrubber-Equipped Tonnage Now Accounts for 36% of Box Ship Capacity

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday May 30, 2019

There are now 844 box ships set to operate with scrubbers as part of their approach to IMO2020 compliance, according to the latest estimates from Alphaliner.

Of those, 73 vessels are already operating with the technology, 181 are newbuildings, and 590 are existing ships with retrofits planned.

It means scrubber-equipped tonnage now makes up 16% of the global box ship fleet in terms of vessel numbers, translating in TEU terms to almost 36% of global box ship capacity.

The sector’s interest in using scrubbers has been helped by falling costs for the technology, which Alphaliner says are now $3-$5 million per unit compared to $5-$8 million a year ago.