More Than 40 Ships to Have Wind-Assisted Propulsion Systems by End of 2023

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday August 3, 2023

The number of ships slated to be equipped with wind-assisted propulsion systems is expected to double over the course of this year.

By the end of 2023, more than 40 vessels will have the systems installed or on order, the International Windship Association said in an emailed statement on Thursday, up from 20 at the end of last year.

During the first half of the year, five installations were made, as well as six wind-ready vessels being delivered.

"We expect a flurry of further announcements in Q3/Q4 so, we are on track for a total of 40+ vessels by the end of this year," the organisation said.

Wind-assisted propulsion systems are among the fuel-saving technologies currently seeing a boom in demand as shipping firms seek to cut emissions and bunker bills. Demand is likely to keep increasing ahead of the introduction of shipping to the EU's emissions trading system next year.